The registration for the marathon will start on Friday, February 1, 2019, at 21:00 Moscow time (UTC+3), or at 19:00 European time (UTC+1).


St. Petersburg Tango Marathon-2019.


  1. All the letters from the organizers will be sent from the following addresses:

Please save these contacts, so that our letters do not get into your Spam folder.

  1. We will appreciate your understanding if, on reaching the ultimate number of participants from any region/country we have to put all the new applicants from this region/country on the waiting list
  2. Registration in couple is preferable, but NOT OBLIGATORY 🙂 . You can register both alone or in couple. In case of couple registration, participation approval or putting on the waiting list will refer to both participants (so choose your partners wisely  🙂 )
  3. In case of couple registration BOTH partners will have to fill in the registration form, stating the relevant information in the section concerning their partners
  4. After successful registration you will receive a notification concerning registration to the email which you supplied in the registration form. Please keep in mind that this e-mail is not the confirmation of your participation in the marathon.
  5. Within 10 days after the registration we will reply to you using one of the email addresses stated above and we will inform you on the approval of your application (with information concerning the terms of payment for the marathon) or putting it on the waiting list. Please keep in mind that this e-mail is not the confirmation of your participation in the marathon.
  6. The organizers WILL NOT COMMENT on the reasons for possible putting of your application on the waiting list.
  7. In case of application approval the participants will receive an email with payment instructions. The participants have to pay for their participation in the marathon within 14 days, otherwise the application will be put on the waiting list.
  8. After receiving the payment the organizers will send the letter with the final confirmation of your participation in the marathon, In case of couple registration, the confirmation letter will be sent only after the receipt of payment from both participants.
  9. The paid participation in the marathon is linked to your name and cannot be transferred to any other person without the organizers’ approval.
  10. If the participant cancels their participation in the marathon there will be NO REFUND. In this case the organizers will try to connect you with a specific participant from the waiting list who will compensate you personally, but they cannot GUARANTEE that there will be someone to replace you.