Accommodation and Visa


NB! Please keep in mind that we advise applying for all the visa support documents and later for the visa itself only after you get your application for the marathon approved 🙂 This document is in 2 sections. Section I describes how to obtain the visa support documents (tourist confirmation and tourist voucher) from our partner company, and Section II is for those who want to apply for the visa to the Russian Consulate/Embassy independently, not through a visa agency. SECTION I. GETTING THE VISA SUPPORT DOCUMENTS (this is NOT the Russian visa itself yet)

Dear friends! For this year we have also made an agreement with a visa support company to provide visa support services for the guests of our marathon at the discounted price. 1. Go to the ACCOMMODATION AND VISA page on the marathon site, read the information and click one of the links: — all countres or — for Turkey

For most of you visa support services will cost 750 Roubles (the price in another currency may change due to the exchange rate).
For citizens of Turkey visa support costs 1700 Roubles (or the corresponding amount in a foreign currency). This is required by the official authorities, but this is still the price with the discount (the full price for the visa invitation for citizens of Turkey is 2500 Roubles). 2. You will be forwarded to a site of our partner agency where you will be able to apply for your visa support documents.
Supply the required information:
* Length of stay and type of Visa Support
* Visitor’s information
* Cities of stay (in this section you will have to type the name of the city you will stay in –obviously, St. Petersburg 🙂 – and the name of the hotel) Note 1 concerning the hotel Even if you actually book an apartment while staying in St. Petersburg, you still need to state the name of the hotel when getting the visa support documents. In this case, just choose any hotel name in the «Hotel» field from the drop-down list (e. g. start typing “Acme” and choose «Acme hotel on Malaya Morskaya str., 7») and state THAT HOTEL in all later documents concerning your visa (i.e. your visa application form). Note 2 concerning the hotel Some of you may see that there are 2 additional fields (“Hotel address” and “Hotel phone”) when you fill in the “Cities of stay” section (this requirement will concern citizens of some European countries, like Poland or France). This is nothing to worry about. For your convenience, here is the list of some hotels (+addresses and phones, taken from the official websites) available from the drop-down list at the visa support page, you can copy-paste the information in the relevant fields of the visa support form:
A. Name: Marshal Hotel Address: Shpalernaya Str., 41 Telephone: +78125797500
B. Name: Acme hotel on Malaya Morskaya str., 7 Address: Malaya Morskaya str., 7 Telephone: +78126002080
C. Name: Mini hotel Ave Tsezar Bolshaya Konyshennaya Address: Bolshaya Konushennaya Str., 25 Telephone: +78123145482
D. Name: Apart-hotel «Nevsky, 78» Address: Nevsky prospect 78\64 Telephone: +78126002080
E. Name: Mini-hotel Pio at canal Griboedova Address: Kan. Griboedova 35 Telephone: +78122736045 * Visa Support delivery methods (specify your email address or fax number to get a scanned copy of your Visa Support documents)
Click «Continue»button at the bottom of the page. 3. Go through the rest of the process until you complete your payment (750RUB/1700RUB for the Turkish citizens or equivalent in the foreign currency is the special price only for the tango marathon participants,usually the prices for the invitations are higher) using your PayPal account/Visa or MasterCard. 4. Wait until you receive the required visa support documents in your email or fax (a Tourist Confirmation/Tourist Voucher registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Contact the closest Russian visa application centre in your city, and ask them what further documents you will need, or go directly to SECTION II of this document if you want to do it yourself.
NB! Unfortunately, at the moment there is one more official regulation which concerns _ONLY GUESTS FROM TURKEY_ . According to the requirements of the Russian Embassy in Turkey, to process visa applications from the Turkish citizens the embassy now requires ORIGINALS of the visa invitation and the tourist voucher.
As our partner company informed us, the cost of courier delivery is about 3000 — 4000 Roubles (35-45EUR).
In connection with this, we offer 3 ways to solve this issue for those dancers from Turkey who intend to come to our marathon:
1. You apply only for the package of visa support documents (at the cost of 1700RUB), we collect the document originals at the visa company and either meet you in person at some tango even preceding the marathon, or give them to someone who may meet you soon (however, keep in mind that you will need some time for the visa application to be processed as well!) 2. Several guests from Turkey make a group, each person applies for the visa support documents (without delivery) independently, but one person from the group pays the cost of courier delivery of the documents for all the group members (stating their personal data and the numbers of their visa invitations in the letter to the visa support company). In this way the group members share the costs. 3. In an urgent case, one and the same person pays for both the visa support documents and the courier delivery. NOTE! We would like to stress once again, that this regulation (supplying the document originals) relates only to the Turkish citizens. For all the others, it will be enough to print our a copy of the documents that you will receive in your email. SECTION II. APPLYING FOR THE RUSSIAN VISA
1. Before filling the visa application form online, make sure you have the following documents handy:
* International passport (valid for at least 6 months after the intended end of your trip to Russia)
* Tourist Confirmation/Tourist Voucher (obtained in the previous section)
* International health insurance policy valid for the duration of your trip
* Travel documents (flight/bus tickets) 2. Go to the site of the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation — CAREFULLY read all the required information, especially the section which says “Before you start completing the application form please make sure that you have access to/are in possession of the following:”
3. Choose the country where you will be applying for the visa as well as the hints and help language.
4. Click the box “I have read this information”
5. Click the button “Complete new application form»
6. Fill your visa application mentioning the data from your visa support documents and supplying all other necessary details.
7. Print the application form
8. Into your printed application, glue a 3.5×4.5cm photo which was taken no longer than 6 months prior to the application submission 9. Date and sign the form
10. With your required documents for the visa application process, as well as your application form, apply to the diplomatic representative authority, Consular department of the Russian Federation or Russian visa application centre, in order to obtain a visa
Before going to the consulate/embassy with the visa application form, it would be wise to prepare all these documents(or their copies)
1. Printed visa application form
2. International passport -original and copy
3. Photo (according to photo requirements) — 1 glued to your application form, maybe 1-2 more to have with you
4. Printed copy of your Tourist Confirmation/Tourist Voucher
5. Health insurance policy- original and copy
6. Printed copy of your travel documents (flight ticket)
7. Not sure about this point. When we go to Europe, we are asked to provide a current bank statement showing that we have sufficient funds for the trip. Ask in the Russian Consulate/Embassy whether you need the same.
8. Some patience 🙂
With all the above, you go to the Russian Consulate/Embassy on the suggested date and submit your application

Good luck and see you soon in St. Petersburg!